Matthew J. Clemente

Into The Box 2019 (w/slides and code)

May 05, 2019
2 minutes

Many thanks to the (growing) team at Ortus Solutions for their tremendous work with this year's Into the Box conference. True to form, it was filled with in-depth sessions and a relentless emphasis on modernization, best practices, and advanced tooling.

I've said it before - if you're a CFML developer, this conference is worth making an effort to attend. Into the Box is, in turns, practical, forward-looking, challenging, and entertaining. It's well organized, a great value, and the developer community that attends is welcoming, accessible, and encouraging. Finally, to combat persistent misconceptions, it is NOT a ColdBox-specific event.

Presentation Resources

It was my first time giving this presentation, "Try This At Home: Building a Personal Docker Swarm". I'm happy with how it came together, but the resources are still, in some ways, a work in progress. In particular, I need to spend some time building out the documentation for the repositories further. That said, if you've got questions or run into issues, feel free to reach out.

I'm hoping to put together some blog posts based on the content that made it into this presentation. But no promises. Life's too busy.

Hope to see you at Into the Box next year.