Matthew J. Clemente

Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2019

Oct 08, 2019
2 minutes

I had the opportunity to present two sessions at this year's Adobe ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas - the first on Docker Swarm, the second on CFML API wrappers. While I'd given both previously, these were updated versions - there's always room for improvement and changes in this space can happen with disconcerting speed.

As in years past, preparing for the talks took up more time than anticipated and prevented me from blogging as much as I'd like - I'm hoping to remedy that in the coming weeks (🤞). For now, I'll just point you to my slides for the sessions:

Conference Summary

Between last-minute work on my slides and missing the talks that were presented parallel to my own, I wasn't able to attend as many of the other sessions as I would have liked. One that did stand out, as a bit of wild future wizardry, was Minh Vo's Reinforcement Learning with ColdFusion - Adding Practical Autonomy To Your Web Applications (demo / slides). While much of the theory was above my head, the idea that ColdFusion could utilize AI in practical ways was both surprising and impressive.

For a more complete summary of ColdFusion Summit 2019, check out Nolan Erck's recap, which includes links to his notes from the sessions he attended. Additionally, Matt Gifford posted a ColdFusion Summit write-up, with his thoughts on the event and sessions. Finally meeting Matt in person was a highlight, after many years of reading his blog, learning from his code, and looking up to him as a developer.

As I've said before, the aspect of ColdFusion that I value the most is the community. ColdFusion Summit is a great chance to catch up with friends, make new ones, and put faces to the usernames and avatars encountered online. It also provides an encouraging view of the size and spectrum of CFML's developer community - about half the attendees were there for their first time.

I'll end with the same recommendation as last year - if you're a ColdFusion developer with a chance to attend CF Summit, it's more than worth the price of admission.

Thank you again to Adobe and the ColdFusion team for putting this together. Looking forward to next year!