Matthew J. Clemente

Passing Parameters to CommandBox Custom Commands

Mar 14, 2020
1 minute

Building on my previous post, which covered writing a basic custom command for the CommandBox CLI, I put together another video, detailing how to pass parameters to your command.

Odds are, if you're interested in writing a custom command, you're going to need yours to handle parameters. CommandBox provides a number of parameter-specific conventions and features, which serve the dual-purpose of making commands both easier to write and use. In the video I cover:

  • Handling named and positional parameters, as well as boolean flags
  • Providing hints/help for parameters
  • Adding static and dynamic tab-completion
  • Handling file-system parameters

The documentation on using parameters is thorough, clear, and covers the subject in a bit more detail than I do in this video. The docs are a great resource if you've got questions - I'm constantly going back to them, and more often than not, I find that CommandBox already provides an elegant approach to whatever I'm trying to accomplish. Best of luck writing your own custom commands!